Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a Wonderful World!

I am way overdue to thank some beautiful bloggers who passed on their blog awards to me in the past few weeks. I would like to now thank Sarah at La Maison Boheme, Julie at Chapman Interiors, and Charlotta at Space for Inspiration for being so kind and sweet. You girls made my day and I mean it from the bottom and the top of my heart! In order to keep the rules I am supposed to share five bits and pieces about me. Okidoki, here are the random five:
1. I am an untreatable optimist. No matter what goes on in my life, the bright side always wins. I still remember my high school teacher telling me after one of my happy laugh explosions "You know Anna, optimism is just a lack of information." I still completely embrace my happy bubble and go on with a smile on my face :)
2. I love to dance! Forget all the proper moves, it is a booty shaking all the way around for me. Do I need to add more?
3. I could go on about my love for food but if I would have to choose top three (OK four) things I could not live without, they would be as follows: bread, butter, cheese and chocolate.
4. I admire people who can write in a beautiful language. The composition of words being transformed into sentences so smooth you want to wrap yourself in them. From poetry to prose I close my eyes and follow the rhythm of our amazing ability to communicate with one another.
That being said, English is my second language and writing this blog has been such experience to play with it more. I still get nervous sometimes whether my grammar is correct and I want to apologize if you find some mistakes here. I try to do my best and do appreciate your willingness to follow :)
5. I love being social and being surrounded by amazing people and equally love spending time by myself. I truly believe one can find such peace in quiet moments and focus on her/his goals if willing to put aside some time to devote to the "self."
The best part of this post is to pass an award to other bloggers and my five are truly amazing. They are all unique and bring much love to my life whether through their great posts, wonderful comments or simply unstoppable inspiration. Please click on their links and visit them, they all deserve it! Chapman Interiors BlogMi Vida Bonita


  1. Oh, congratulations on the awards! Loved your list, and I love all of these ladies! By the way, your English is just fine, I personally LOVE making international friends through blogging, the sentiment is always the same even if we aren't always speaking the exact same words!

  2. Hello Anna,
    Thanks for your nice comment and visit. I think that your English is amazing - I am very impressed. Great blog.

  3. Anna!! I just saw this! First of all, your writing is beautiful, I would have NEVER guessed english is your second language..

    I am always too optimisitc too (it's just so much easier than worrying or being angry or focusing on a problem?!!) And I too love being a social butterfly...but I for sure need a little alone time..

    xoxo my dear :)

  4. Anna love! You shouldn't have! Oh, okay, you should have! Thank you so much for the lovely blog award. It means a lot. Have a fab weekend.


  5. What a beautiful way to post the award, hats off for the way you have presented this.

    I really am honored that you have included me in this gorgeous lineup, I know one blogger but will certainly visit the other 3 as well.

    Thank you Anna so much...btw 2-5 are VERY me too.

    hugs DJ