Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bring In the Sunshine

I can not believe it is so gorgeous outside today so I am craving to open all windows in the house and go for walk on the beach. Ahh, my body certainly needs it after yesterday's amount of food consumption. (But I really did have to try every single desert at a dinner party I went to so no regrets there!)
In other news, I have been busy all morning collecting and sorting some fantastic pictures for future posts and I just can't wait to share them with you in the upcoming days and weeks. An idea had been brewing in my head for a while about new feature on La Boheme as well so I will be working on that and talk about it with you soon.
How about you? How was your Christmas?
The above interiors were beautifully done by Schappacher White LTD in New York and because I simply couldn't stop there, below is another home they designed. Enjoy.
(All images via Schappacher White LTD)

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  1. Whew...those pics are just my style! Love! Thanks for dropping by my blog...your's is pretty fantastic also!