Friday, February 25, 2011


Inspired by MANY bloggers but I have a few favorites whose design tastes I relate to on a really wonderful and much deeper level and whose blogs inspire me to become even better designer. I don't like to use the word "refined" a lot because sometimes it can have an impersonal
Today, however, refined is used in a different context. Refined taste and refined eye in the use of blog concept as a whole. My newest Spotlight featured blog is a vision carried through. Design Elements is perfect, it inspires and and I am lucky to call Maria my blog friend. Hope you enjoy a little selection from her blog.
Maria, thank you.
If Design Elements and I would spend late Friday afternoon together, I can see us hanging out here...
or here.. :)
(all images via Design Elements)


  1. Kudos to Maria; design elements is a wonderful site and her taste is impeccable! She also does great interviews with world-class interior designers that are not to be missed.

  2. Thank you, Anna! I think we share a similar design aesthetic. You’ve chosen beautiful spaces to hang out together :-) Huge hugs to you

  3. oh these photographs are so inspiring!

  4. Love Design Elements too and these are stunning spaces!

  5. thank you for the introduction...inspiration galore!

  6. I found her (I think) through you or perhaps design elements found me through you...either way...I definitely appreciate someone with an interior architecture focus. Great selection of pictures you chose to feature her. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  7. Everyone of these images speaks to me! I love a natural, bohemian look that is not over embellished and still refined. Just gorgeous,