Monday, May 30, 2011

Something for the Boys

Not saying a girl could not live here (there is PLENTY to love, including the entire layout and wow (!) the statement fixture above the pool table), however, I do think a bachelor would feel right at home. What do you say? The home is in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
The bar island is very cool!
I wonder if there is another lounge area in there? Or even a movie theater set-up? Curious!
(Photos by Fran Parente for Vart Nya Hem)


  1. Nice post, I love looking at different designs. I see what you're saying this is definitely a mans place. Thanks for your comment too, thats soo cool you went to Calistoga a few days ago. I can't wait to go sometime again this summer when the weather actually starts getting warmer. haha


  2. My husband would love this and he'd move in and pay extra to live there.

  3. there is so much to see in this post! love that bar island. soooo good to visit your blog every day (actually twice a day :-)! love

  4. This is very cool, for all us men. However take away the pool table and it will be perfect!

  5. Gorgeous, clean, modern, masculine space. Thanks so much for discovering and sharing it!

  6. amazing are great....u have a nice blog