Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Post - Design Elements

Today will be a great day. Let me correct - today will be fantastic day. Extra special AND delicious. Ha! You think I'm acting silly but please understand there is a reason! As we are closing our guest post series on La Boheme, I have yet another friend visiting and it is making my heart happy just typing it because I have someone brilliant here. Maria from Design Elements is a true gem in architectural/interior design blogs and that is all I really need to say. Gem.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is great to be visiting here today. La Boheme is one of my absolutely favorite blogs and I am lucky to call Anna my friend. Anna, thank you! You inspire me and if there would be a contest who is the best decorator among all the lawyers in Germany I'm sure I'll win. :-)
So since my favorite category on La Boheme is Travelling Mind and I'm avid traveler (ever since I've read Rolf Potts' book Vagabonding) I decided to take you with me to a place I've never been before - Maledives.
Welcome to Anantara Kihavah in the Maldives - a resort that opened a year ago, designed in timber and marble, with expansive wooden sun decks, outdoor showers and an incredible underwater restaurant.
The Anantara Villas are just 35 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport. Take a look at the airport too.
I hope you enjoy...

Dear Maria, you hope we enjoy? Not sure about the rest of my readers but I loved your post! Both you and Katherine know me so well with my passion for hospitality design. Here is a promise that after the first boutique hotel I design you both come visit, we can discuss all the choices from materiality and lighting to textiles and furniture, we will test the restaurant and of course, admire the view....
Design Elements, it was real pleasure having you.


  1. Thank you for the mini getaway (I really needed that) and for the introduction to La Boheme!

  2. an underwater restaurant...whoa! looks like an amazing adventure. on my list! thanks maria! xx

  3. OMG. Can I go right now? That place looks amazing and so relaxing!

  4. Wow! Amazing! And the pictures are sensational...great find :)

  5. wonderful traveling mind! love this post, maria, thank you. xx

  6. Maria is one of my favorite bloggers. She always comes up with such amazing photos, often with stunning views of the water (and now photos from within the water). I say we we organize a blogstress conference at this spot, pronto! We just need a sponsor who will fly us all there .... ;)

  7. OUTSTANDING! RIVETING! CAPTIVATING! I never knew of this place! So stunning! What a gift as a guest blogger to post content with such 'POW'! I can see why Anna would want to bring such a brilliant mind (eye) to the table on a project! xo

  8. This looks amazing, Maria! I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :) Thank you for introducing me to Anna's wonderful blog. :)

  9. So stunning!!! Bloggers like me need to relax my eyes and the pictures are really amazing!! Thank you for bringing us to those places. Please showcase more photos like that it so relaxing to the eyes.

  10. I wish i can see those in my dreams, but I guess you made it real by posting this great photos, it's so realxing. i just love staring at it. THanks for posting .