Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travelling Mind

We haven't had Travelling Mind post in a while and I think it's just about time to do something about it, wouldn't you say?
We are off to Thailand today to W Retreat Koh Samui on Ko Samui island. The hotel is recent discovery thanks to via one of my favorite girls Design Elements and lets just say I can clear my schedule for next month. Just saying.
There is a lot going on color wise and different element wise in many of the zones but I can pick and choose a few of my favorites. For example, all three images above.
Very Isay Weinfeld and his use of wood on large scale. Good good.
Fun lalala....
Oh yeah, this...


  1. You have to hand it to W hotels! They are always so stylish! That infinity pool in the first photo is brilliant!

  2. travelling mind is my fav category on my fav blog. happy to have you in my life

    p.s.: do I repeat myself :)

    big hugs to you, Anna

  3. Gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful day.

    Smile loads.

  4. OMG!
    Wonderful spots, thanks for sharing.
    Warm hugs to you

  5. Awesome pictures.. I wish I could be there right now and enjoying the vacations.. The pictures are like heaven.. No words to describe the beauty..

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