Saturday, March 31, 2012

Val Britton

Very excited to feature the work of mixed media artist Val Britton.

I make immersive, collaged works on paper that draw on the language of maps. My mixed media abstractions map not only physical locations but also psychological and emotional spaces. Since my pieces are not planned, I am compelled to put myself in an explorative mode, employing the abstract space of the map to create a pliable structure for intuition, improvisation and chance. Connecting paper fragments together through collage, drawing, painting, staining with salty washes of ink, printing, stitching and cutting paper have become my methods for navigating the blurry terrain of memory and imagination.
I am interested in how my work can explore the tension between chaos and imposed order, the concrete and the imaginary, the known and unknown. Traveling, navigating routes, mapping our experiences, making choices at a crossroads, viewing purpose as a destination: these common metaphors link experiencing life with the notion of a journey. 
  Sit back and enjoy...

Every piece has different energy and its layers are like hidden treasures. Beautiful addition to any interior space.
 On a side note, it always makes me super happy to see when graduates of California College of the Arts create such inspiring work.