Saturday, September 1, 2012

Massimo Vitali

With the end of summer on the horizon, I had to share the work of Italian photographer Massimo Vitali, recently featured on Yatzer. Vitali is tagged as "the ultimate concerned photographer, the eye in the crowd that recognizes invisible patterns and uses his lens to illuminate the apotheosis of The Herd." 

"The sheer scale of his pictures captures so much action, it almost fools you into thinking that there’s not very much happening at all. But no one is really doing the same thing, even if their ultimate goal is to expose as much pink flesh to the blistering sun as possible. At that exact moment, when the beach has finally filled up and your defenses are as scant as your wardrobe (you are half-naked after all), a distant figure, mounted on a 20-30ft platform will release the shutter capturing so much more about your life than you ever thought you were originally there to expose." 

Fascinating study of human behavior, supported by mesmerizing photography.
 Happy weekend to you.


  1. I love these "white" pics.
    And I wish I was in one of these pictures :)

  2. absolutely mesmerizing...altered dream state, yes? thanks for the inspiration. xx

  3. love the overexposure and the tiny peeps...with the large landscapes and the patterns of smalls, just love his work!!

  4. wow! i love the captures. An evident of a professional photographer. This makes me wanna visit your blog more often. Excited to see more from your post.

  5. I want to be a part of every little moment of this post! lovely! we must re-create this one day soon :)