Monday, October 29, 2012


Last month, CCA Interior Design department hosted a lecture held by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, the founders of San Francisco based design firm O+A. Focusing primarily on workspace environments, O+A is becoming a strong leader in this segment, re-inventing what does today's "office" really mean. It is no surprise O+A's past clients include tech and social giants such as Facebook, Microsoft and AOL as well as many other companies which are all influencing the future of workspaces. Square, Quid, Trulia, DreamHost, Yelp or IDEO are just a few on O+A's long client list. The efficient planning and expertise of O+A allows to capture the speed of their clients' own work and their fun, passionate excitement drives the stimulating and inspiring offices they are able to create.
I'm loving O+A's fearless choices of colors and strong graphic statements from custom wallpaper, geometric wood panelling to playful wall prints.
Creating particular zones tailored to each client's specific culture plays a big part in O+A planning. Such effort guarantees unique and personalized environments. 
After the lecture, it was a real treat to join Mr. Orpilla and our fabulous faculty for a dinner (sorry about the quality of the photo but it was such a great night I had to share): 
(All images by O+A, last one by La Boheme)