Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm signing off for the weekend has been another busy (but productive) week. Designing and building a beach tent (and camping in it for a night), working on fun installation that I would love to eventually get built, field trip to IDEO (love their work), finishing a couple of small freelance projects still, selecting furniture for a little hotel with bmod, heading up to St. Helena to do flowers for a wedding with Natalie Bowen Designs tomorrow...the days are filled with good things but I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday. 
Tonight and for the next week, our department has Best of 2011/2012 show. My BART project (above) was selected so if you live in SF come by tonight for the opening reception! If not, check it out during the week if you would like. Details below.
Happy weekend.
(by La Boheme)

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