Thursday, January 17, 2013

While Away...

 While I was absent from the blog this week, these were some of the moments I captured for you. 
 I enjoyed the last day with my beautiful niece who left back to Czech after entire month with her auntie.
After saying goodbye I was taken on a lovely getaway here:  
With no electricity and surrounded only by the ocean and hills, it was the perfect spot for secret cabin.
Of course it wouldn't be a perfect getaway without watching the sunset:
Now already back to full swing of things, working away with many great people, doing all kinds of things. Such as? 
Working with this lady and this guy on fun digital model for a retail space.
Working with Natalie Bowen Designs on a new account, fabulous local restaurant Saison.
Selecting artwork for small hotel's public spaces with bmod
And working on two fun ROVVEL projects with this girl. Those I won't say just yet :)

Back tomorrow lovelies.
(All images by La Boheme, La Boheme on Instagram and Caviar on Mars)


  1. Anna, you both are wonderful! great to see your work. beautiful!
    love to you

  2. ur Niece is ADORABLE - i would miss her to pieces too! - i can't get enough of mine!