Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lizzie Derriey Collection

I have a great pleasure to feature something special for you today. A few months ago I was contacted by the wonderful owners of The Lizzie Derriey Collection, located in the South of France. Being passionate about art and the intriguing stories it tells, I pretty much fell in love with their story and hope to pass it along here.
The introduction started like this: A few years ago in the south of France we came across a large collection of original artworks, created in Paris between the 1920's and 1980's in the Lizzie Derriey design studio.
The works were each created by hand and are designs for textile or wallpaper - concepts if you like, prepared for fashion designers such as Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta to name a few. The collection unites art, design and fashion, it is large and diverse and these beautiful and unique artworks are steeped in history and intrigue. 
Liberty London carried a collection in 2011 with a great success and will launch a new one again. These are all original designs, created by designers using watercolours, gouache, pencil, ink cut-outs etc. I encourage you to keep an eye on what becomes available next and perhaps even purchase one for your own art collections.
I feel lucky to have an original piece from the collection at my home now (it is the floral design featured at the top of this post). Planning to frame it in thin gold frame and cherish it for years to come. Thank you Jane and John.
(1. by La Boheme 2. All remaining images via The Lizzie Derriey Collection)


  1. These are so beautiful, Anna. I would love to have one for my home. I'm in love with the black ones.

    1. A really helpful article - Thank you very much I wish you don't mind me writing about this post on my website I will also link back to this post Thanks

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  3. I purchased one of their piece, bought in person when we travelled through France with our car, all the way from London. We stayed at their hotels 2 night and we started chatting about art, this is how I ended up browsing their entire Lizzie collection. A real treat.
    I chose one that spoke to me the most, a large image that had strong dark lines and had all the bold colours we use in our home. Blue, yellow and purple. You will be able to see it on my pinterest very soon.
    I highly recommend either going there in person when visiting the pyrennees or going on their website.