Thursday, June 13, 2013


OOOOOOK. Serious cravings around here lovelies. This home in Portugal has so much playful personality, I kind of want to meet it in person :) Wanna come along?
The light:
The colors:


  1. What a great house. A perfect mix. First I thought I really love the kitchen but the last picture is really captivating. The arrangement of the chairs and the wooden blogs in front of the scenery - perfect and intriguing! Enjoy your weekend. Caroline

  2. My, I was really stunned with the carpets and the light hanging on the dining area. I thought they were bubbles. I wonder is it made of. I really enjoyed all the images. They are all so yummy and lipsmacking. I thought I already found my dream house but I was blown by these images. Truly inspirational!

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