Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Mornings...

This Sunday morning, I'm happy to be home. Catching up on reading in bed, getting a nice cup of coffee, going for a walk...
And finally, we should all:
I have become tired of people highlighting how busy their lives are as if that makes them more important than the rest. The truth is, we are ALL busy. If you love what you do, you really just DO and appreciate that you get to live this amazing life fully and there is no need to stress everyone how busy you are. 
Busy is good but the word fulfilled and happy scores even higher.  

Happy Sunday lovelies. 

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  1. Well said... and GOOD reminder. I would rather be fulfilled and happy any day.


    Michelle |

  2. Just read an article today on how people try to make them feel better than thou because of their busier schedule as if it somehow dimenishes the hard work someone else may do who doesn't have to juggle so much on their plates. So it's one thing to tell us you're busy. As adults, most of us are. But don't make it seem like you work harder than the next person. So well stated.

  3. great view from the bed..

    I wish i could own place like this....
    Thanks for sharing....

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