It’s not like we have all the free time in the world to search for a company or stores for the interior designs and furniture that we’d like to put in our homes. Many of us tend to get busy at work or with family so we thought, how can we find a way to help those people in need of ideas and professional interior designers or companies? Because of that, we thought of an easier way to give recommendations to others.

The idea of creating this site started from years ago. At first, we created a blog since La Boheme, the founder of this site is a blogger. But when people started asking about these posts and showed their interest on the great designs that we feature, the owner started to think that it was best to improve and level up her site. She added people to help run this website. Then we started to give recommendations, ideas and tips about interior designs, decorations and furniture.

We give recommendations to those who do not have the time to search and travel around different places to check out many interior companies. This was envisioned to provide great help and an easy way to look for great furniture and designs. As for those who wants to decorate and design their home by themselves, we give tips and various ideas so you can do it nicely even without the need of a company.

Many people love the kind of service that we provide. This is because we give information for FREE. And because of that we yearn to give you more satisfaction. So if you need any help or if you have additional questions, just let us know and we will be happy to help you out.